Keep a virtual assistant with no distracting apps in your pocket when you have the Rabbit R1. This AI virtual assistant has a bright, quirky look.


Next-Gen Personal Assistant: Instead of communicating via an app, this palm-sized assistant works like an interface for AI.

Adorable Design: Codesigned by Teenage Engineering, this gadget has a delightful aesthetic with its square shape and bright orange hue.

Analog hardware: Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy a 2.88″ touchscreen, 2 mics, a scroll wheel, and a 360-degree rotating camera.

Talk and Interact: Interact by pressing the Push-to-Talk button. The rabbit’s head moves as you talk or ask a question.

Large Action Model (LAM): The LAM allows the Rabbit R1 to handle tasks on interfaces instead of through APIs or apps.


Enhance your AI interactions with this palm-sized gadget.