Bring style and fun to your golf game with the PUTTR AI-powered putting green. It lets you practice putting at home, taking your skills to the next level.


Sleek Design: PUTTR seamlessly blends technology, entertainment, and style like no other putting tool on the market. Its stylish, travel-ready packaging adds to its allure.

Data-Driven Insights: Utilizing computer vision technology, PUTTR tracks ball line and speed, offering comprehensive feedback on every putt.

Play, Improve, Compete: Elevate your putting practice with engaging single and multiplayer games, both offline and online. Improve your skills by competing in arcade-style games and online tournaments against friends.

PUTTR Club Membership: Join the exclusive PUTTR Club to partake in online tournaments, benefit from AI-powered instruction, and access additional analysis tools for refining your putting techniques.


This smart putting green makes home putting practice so engaging!