Designed to revolutionize the way you train your furry friend, the HushPuppy AI dog bark collar solves your canine-related woes.


Precision AI bark differentiation: It boasts a cutting-edge AI algorithm that excels at distinguishing your dog’s unique bark from other household sounds.
User-friendly battery operation: Relying on convenient AAA battery operation, it eliminates the need for specialized chargers or proprietary power sources.
No more manual settings: Thanks to its advanced AI detection system, HushPuppy eliminates the hassle of adjusting trigger sensitivity. The device accurately detects your dog’s barking and delivers static correction at a mild, humane level that grabs their attention without causing pain.
Energy-efficient design: HushPuppy’s advanced sleep algorithm enhances longevity and reliability. It conserves energy during periods of inactivity and activates when barking is detected.


Say goodbye to constant barking and hello to the peace and tranquility that HushPuppy brings.