Keep snacks, drinks, cosmetics, etc. warm and cool with the Cooluli Classic 4L Mini Fridge.


Lightweight and portable: This compact cooler and warmer is easy to carry around. It weighs a mere 4 lbs. Plus, with a 4-liter capacity, it has plenty of room for drinks and snacks.

Multifunctional and versatile: This mini fridge is your go-to for keeping food, beverages, beauty products, and even medications at the right temperature.

Beauty and skincare haven: What’s more, your skincare and beauty products stay in top condition. From serums to masks, everything remains cool and fresh for longer.

Advanced tech at your service: Powered by a unique semiconductor system, it’s energy-efficient, super quiet, and 100% reliable.

AC, DC, USB—your choice: With the Classic 4L, you’ve got the freedom to plug into AC, DC, or even a USB port for charging.


This fridge for beauty products is great for travel, dorm rooms, and more!