Sourcing the original iPhone is increasingly challenging. But you can show it off with the GRID Studio GRID 1 1st-generation iPhone art. With limited units available, the brand proudly presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of tech-art history.


Iconic art: Imagine unboxing and hanging this iconic device on your wall. Revel in its simplicity and premium aesthetics—an homage to where it all began. Apple’s groundbreaking device laid the foundation for the modern smartphone.
Homage to Apple: From a company that transformed the way you access information, the iPhone 1 began a remarkable journey.
Striking size: Measuring 13 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 1.8 inches deep, it offers a substantial size that’ll stand out on any wall or mantel.


Commemorate the iPhone 1 and embrace this unique blend of technology and art—a testament to Apple’s revolutionary impact on the mobile phone industry.