Have a portable studio at your fingertips with the Audeze MM-100 professional headphones. They deliver an immersive, detail-rich experience.


Planar magnetic drivers: These drivers deliver precision and minimize distortion. What’s more, they give you patented waveguides, magnet arrays, and diaphragms.

Long-term wear: Meanwhile, the MM-100 headphones are comfortable. The gel-filled earpads embrace your ears, while the feather-light adjustable suspension strap enables hours of fatigue-free use.

Seamless connectivity: The single-sided cable accommodates various studio setups. Plus, they’re easily portable with their fold-flat design.

Durable design: What’s more, these professional headphones are durable. They’re meticulously hand-assembled and tested in Southern California.


These headphones are an extension of your craft. Get them for sound quality, comfort, adaptability, and durability, whether you’re in the studio, on the move, or on stage.