Elevate your on-the-go power with the Duracell M150 and M250. These portable power stations are super compact and come in 150-watt and 250-watt versions.


Lightweight design: Bring power with you using the M150. This power station boasts a lightweight, easy-to-transport design.

Tiltable lid: Meanwhile, the tiltible lid holds your phone while wirelessly charging it. This is ideal for making video calls or watching cooking videos during charging.

Charging dock: What’s more, these compact power stations are easy to charge. The charging dock keeps the device powered and easy to find.

Cord storage feature: Best of all, the cord storage unit holds your cords or earbuds. This reduces clutter in your space.

Choice of 2 capacities: Also, these power stations come in 2 sizes; a 150-watt model and a 250-watt one.


You don’t have to be stuck next to an outlet while you work or stream!