Meet the Morrama Lab Issé mixed reality glasses. It features a future-facing design with lenses that swap out.


Tailored mixed reality at your fingertips: This mixed reality wearable isn’t just tech; it’s a style statement. With customizable lenses and frames, you can adapt Issé to match your preferences.

Options that fit your style: Issé offers 2 distinct designs. The first is a sleek metallic frame with a vibrant neon stripe. The other has an organic, softer form.

Sounds that move with you: Feel the sound through bone conduction in the arms of the frame. You get an immersive experience without the need for bulky headphones.

Sustainable materials: Meanwhile, the frames feature bio-materials that can be digested by bacteria or break down.


Issé from Morrama Labs combines innovation with style, offering futuristic experiences!