Revolutionize your eyewear with the Ampere Dusk Rx light-responsive prescription glasses. They boast instant electronic tint control.


InstaOptic Technology: Pioneering the future of sunglasses, the patent-pending InstaOptic technology automatically adjusts the lens tint in 0.1 seconds.

Touch-Controlled Tints: Offering unparalleled control, the lenses can be manually adjusted by pressing the force sensors on the frame, seamlessly toggling between preset tints according to the user’s needs.

Wide Tint Range with HVL Lenses: What’s more, Ampere’s proprietary HVLTM lenses feature an advanced high-voltage mechanism. It expands the tint range, providing exceptional clarity.

Prescription-Ready Innovation: Then, these tint-adjustable glasses are available with prescription lenses. They cater to various prescriptions.

Style Meets Technology: Beyond groundbreaking tech, Dusk Rx embodies timeless elegance. With a selection of 6 classic frames, these glasses combine modern sophistication and tech.


Ampere Dusk Rx sunglasses offer an unparalleled visual experience.