Enter the world of the LEGO Animal Crossing sets, where the popular video games meet the magic of LEGO bricks.


Customization Galore: Build, swap, and customize easily! These sets are designed to fit together seamlessly.

Unleash Your Creativity: Builders aged 6+ can let their imagination run wild! Bring your favorite scenes to life, create stories, and more!

Julian’s Birthday Party: Celebrate, share cupcakes, and unwrap presents.

Bunnie’s Outdoor Activities: This set includes a tent, LEGO marshmallows, and recognizable tools from the game.

Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour: What’s more, you can set out on an adventure or simply hang out by the fire on this boat tour.

Isabelle’s House: Then, visit and customize Fauna’s house with Isabelle.

Nook’s Cranny & Rosie’s House: Here, you can roleplay at Nook’s Cranny shop or visit Rosie’s house for freshly baked cookies.


This LEGO x Nintendo set is yours to explore and enjoy!