Understand another language in real time with the TimeKettle M3 language translator earbuds. They’re ideal for calls, music, conversation & more.


Do-It-All Buds: These TimeKettle M3 buds aren’t just for translation—use them for music and calls.

Chat Like a Pro: with 40 languages and 93 accents, these buds cover the globe.

Touch & Go: No awkward pauses for translation here! With these buds’ smart tech, you talk; they translate.

Sharing is Caring: Share these translation earbuds with a friend, and keep the conversation rolling.

Speeches, Sorted: Listen Mode gets you 1-way translations for speeches or classes. Sit back, relax, and absorb the translated content.

Quick Convos: What’s more, the Speaker Mode allows snappy chats. Ask for directions or order food with ease. You don’t have to share the buds.

Lightning-Fast and Accurate: Powered by top-notch translation engines, these buds bring you faster, more accurate translations.


Communicate and understand with these language translating earbuds.