Meet the Ugreen Revodok Series hubs and docking stations. They offer enhanced connectivity across 3 distinct series: Revodok Max, Revodok Pro, and Revodok. They suit diverse professional needs.


Professional performance with the Revodok Max 213: This hub delivers lightning-fast 40Gbps transfers via Thunderbolt 4, supporting single 8K or dual 4K displays for Windows or Mac models. Its 13 ports include a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, 90W fast charging, and dual TF/SD card reading.

Prime professional experience with the Revodok Pro Series: The Revodok Pro 210 provides 8K HDMI, dual 4K, 60Hz output, 85W fast charging, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB data interfaces. It’s ideal for developers, gamers, and educators.

Revodok Series for individuals: Crafted for individual users, the Revodok Series offers versatile connectivity solutions suited to various needs.


Get effective and user-friendly connectivity solutions with these hubs and docking stations!