Meet the Creative Outlier Free Mini! These ergonomic bone conduction headphones offer wireless connectivity and keep you aware of your environment.


Wireless Liberation: These bone conduction headphones let enjoy your audio while keeping you connected to your environment, thanks to wireless connectivity.

Bone Conduction Brilliance: By bypassing eardrums and delivering sound vibrations directly to your inner ear, you can listen to your playlist without compromising your safety.

Comfort Redefined: The ergonomic headband delivers a snug, customized fit. It’s great for prolonged wear, whether you’re working out, running, or simply lounging at home.

Extended Playtime: Enjoy up to 6 hours of playtime with the Creative Outlier Free Mini!

Sweatproof & Splash-proof: With their IPX5 rating, these headphones withstand sweat and splashes.

Effortless Control: Manage your playlist, answer calls, or summon Siri / Google Assistant with integrated buttons.


Enjoy your on-the-go audio when you have these ergonomic headphones!