Take nature watching to a new level with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK AX Visio. These AI-supported binoculars can help identify birds and other animals.


AI-Supported Binoculars: These AI binoculars blend high-performance analog optics with digital intelligence.

Real-time Identification: With the touch of a button, the binoculars assist in real-time identification of over 9,000 birds and wildlife.

Capture and Share: Capture photos and videos with the integrated camera. Everything’s shareable via the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor Smartphone App.

Share Discoveries: Introduces the “Share discoveries” feature, allowing users to guide others to observed objects using arrow markers in the display.

Smart Hardware: The AX Visio includes approximately 390 hardware parts. The Neural Processing Unit (NPU) ensures fast processing for object recognition.

Design by Marc Newson: Designed by renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, the AX Visio boasts a modern appearance, intuitive handling, and ergonomic comfort.


This gadget is ideal for hunting, birdwatching, and outdoor adventures.