These 7 behaviours are frequently displayed by people who are extremely unhappy in life.

Unhappy individuals can manifest their discontent in various ways, from constant complaints to eerie silence, overcompensation with false joy, or a lack of motivation. Sometimes, they may not even realize the depth of their unhappiness, as these behaviors become their norm. 

Unhappiness can manifest subtly, with individuals either complaining incessantly, maintaining an unusual silence, overcompensating with false joy, or displaying a lack of motivation. Often, these individuals may be oblivious to their own discontent, as these behaviors become ingrained in their daily lives. 

Your purpose in existence is Ikigai. Getting out of bed in the morning is driven by a purpose. It provides the inspiration, determination, and fortitude you need to conquer any obstacle in your path.

1) They struggle to claw their way out of passivity

I can speak from personal experience when I say that the best forms of escapism are books, TV, and video games. With just a few easy gestures and a little bit of creativity, you can be instantly drawn into a narrative in which your real life is unimportant.

2) They turn to escapism for help

Any reason to take a break from work, such as catching up with a colleague or brewing more tea, will be helpful.

3) They get easily distracted

Certain individuals who are unhappy tend to withdraw from society and seek solace in their own homes.

4) They withdraw and isolate themselves from other

Though it's true that depression or unhappiness can have a significant influence on one's level of consumerism, they may not always connect their shopping habits to their overall wellbeing.

5) They substitute true happiness with shopping

You could start exercising, take better care of yourself, or become more productive if you're constantly comparing yourself to other people.

6) They’re fuelled by envy rather than inspiration

Sighing is a research-based way to convey resignation or frustration. In light of this, if you discover that you sigh constantly during the day...Perhaps it's time to reflect on your level of happiness and take a step back.

7) They sigh a lot

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