These 10 Metallic Manicure Ideas Are Everything This Season

Get some chrome powder for a true liquid metal mani. Manicurist Jodie Hammond used Aqua Chrome, a chrome powder with a faint blue undertone, from The Gel Bottle Inc. to achieve this look.

Blue Chrome 

AAn absolute show-stopper, this abstract mani features gorgeous streams of shimmering gold. Manicurist Fariha Ali of Nail Job in Los Angeles finished this look by leaving the remaining nails bare and applying gold chrome powder in the shape of streams across the nails.

24K Molten Rivulets 

For a more straightforward approach, consider this metallic manicure done by nail artist Anahi Victoria. Here, she used Lights Lacquer Espresso, a warm, rich chocolate nail polish, and then covered it with Lights Lacquer Leo, an orange-pink holographic topcoat.

Autumnal Metallic

Even if the metal isn't your usual shade of silver, gold, or copper, the metallized size exudes pure glam. Manicurist Joanne Thomas of Meraki Nails Cardiff combined the Sage Chrome chrome powder from The Gel Bottle Inc. with the Savage gel polish for this understated look.

Mirrored Sage 

If you can't decide on a single color, how about going for a manicure that features multiple hues? For that, you'll need a dark base and a pearlescent duochrome, which will flash in various colors according to how the light hits it.

Color-Shifting Metals 

A classic rose gold piece never goes out of style, especially because it looks great with everything and is both stylish and pretty. Hancock covered a clear base with a rose gold chrome powder, such as What's Up Nails Rose Chrome Powder, and then added a dazzling top coat. 

Shiny Rose Gold

Try a set of nail stickers if you want the metal look but don't want to deal with gel polish or chrome powder. This design blends At the Plaza with Color Street's New York Minute, a deep purple-plum with a metallic sheen.

Purple & Metallic Pink

Try your hand at nail artist Leanne Haycock's abstract drizzle effect for an alternative approach to gold metallic nails. She applied gold chrome in abstract shapes over a glossy sheer base first.

Liquid Gold Drizzle

This metallic mani will turn heads wherever you go thanks to the contrast between a shiny gold starry sky and a dreamy pink sky filled with clouds. To create the stars, you can use nail stickers or gold chrome powder.

Dreamy Clouds and Gold Stars

Who says you have to limit yourself to just one type of metal? Here, an abstract squiggle effect over a sheer base unites gold and silver. Try drawing your forms in a way that makes them appear as though they would fit together like a puzzle to establish continuity.

Abstract Mixed Metal

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