Redefine your health tracking and prepare for the 2024 Olympics with the Withings Body Smart PARIS 2024 scale. It features in-depth health scans and an artistic design.


Advanced health-tracking algorithms: Utilizing multifrequency BIA and advanced algorithms, it offers detailed body composition insights. You can see your fat, muscle, bone mass, and water percentage for comprehensive health monitoring.

Vital health indicators: What’s more, you can also track visceral fat, heart rate trends, and basal metabolic rate. This gives you a deeper understanding of your overall health and fitness progress.

Team health journey: Then, you can connect up to 8 individuals, supporting everyone on their unique health paths.

Sustainability in design: Embodying the ethos of the 2024 Paris games, this limited edition scale boasts recycled materials, recyclable packaging, and durable construction.

Useful modes: Additionally, modes like Eyes Closed and Pregnancy offer helpful customizations.


Be a champion of your health with this Paris 2024 smart scale.