Check out the Withings Body Pro 2 cellular-enabled scale. This scale transmits accurate, secure data to care teams without any hassle.


Streamlined Experience: No setup is required! Straight out of the box, this smart scale works effortlessly, automatically sending your health data to care teams.

Engaging Patient Interaction: Care teams can send personalized messages through a dynamic color screen. Meanwhile, the eyes-closed mode can hide weight readings and offer motivational messages.

Vibrant Screen Experience: An upgraded high-resolution color LCD screen provides weight trends, weather forecasts, air quality, and more.

Program MemberID: An innovative feature, it ensures data validity by identifying patient measurements and empowering care teams to make faster, better decisions.

Revolutionizing Diabetes Care: Beyond weight management, Body Pro 2 introduces Electrochemical Skin Conductance (ESC) to assess sudomotor function. This addresses diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a common complication impacting many patients.


Manage chronic conditions with this smart bathroom scale.