Empower your journey with the Mot Mot Mind Well-Being Planner. This self-growth visualization tool offers 13-week sections for you to track your well-being journey over time, focusing on knowledge, health, relationships, happiness, and mindfulness.


DOHO sections: Desires, Opportunities, Hiccups, and Outline guide you in outlining and achieving high-impact projects and dreams. With DOHO project planning, you can take your ambitions to the next level.
Undated planner: Start your journey on your terms with a planner designed for over 100 days of transformation, promoting lasting well-being habits.
Weekend recap: Reflect, recharge, and set new intentions every weekend for continuous improvement.
Bucket list: Craft actionable goals for a fulfilling 100-day journey.


Visualize improvements across your life domains with this unique fusion of journal and planner.