Supercharge your workstation with the ultra-modern KOBLE Tori 4.0 smart desk. It offers cutting-edge tech to simplify your workday.


Magnetic charging: Get seamless charging with the Tori 4.0’s magnetic charging station, exclusive to purchases in the UK.
USB-A & USB-C charging points: Featuring more powerful USB-A and USB-C charging points, this wireless charging smart desk is a powerhouse for your devices.
Secret stash drawers: What’s more, 2 separate drawers give your essentials a cozy home.

Easy touch controls: Meanwhile, the touch-sensitive control panel lets you tweak settings effortlessly for a personalized experience.

High-quality stereo sound: Then, the Tori 4.0 boasts cutting-edge Bluetooth speakers. They turn your workspace into an audio haven for streaming music and podcasts.

AUX connectivity: Best of all, you can connect your devices and indulge in your favorite tunes with the AUX connectivity feature.


Level up your productivity with this modern smart desk!