Take your AR experiences to the next level with the TCL RayNeo X2 AR glasses. They suit a range of applications including education, gaming, entertainment, and training. Check them out.


QualComm Snapdragon XR2 Platform: This platform ensures that the RayNeo X2 glasses are versatile. You can use them for anything from employee training to gaming.

Enhance the Real World: What’s more, these glasses are able to enhance and add to the world around you. It adds data to your actual surroundings.

MicroLED Technology: Moreover, this technology offers a high contrast ratio for a more vibrant display effect. It even meets standards for indoor and outdoor brightness simultaneously.

Binocular Full-Color Display: It uses the optical waveguide + MicroLED solution.

Longer Battery Life: Thanks to a built-in 590 mAh battery, this eyewear runs for about 3 hours of continuous use.


Enhance your games, work, and more with these AR glasses!