Meet the Samsung x Maison Margiela Galaxy Z Flip 5. It’s where innovation meets high fashion.


Innovative Collaboration: This phone uses Samsung’s cutting-edge foldable technology and Maison Margiela’s disruptive design ethos.

Pocketable Self-Expression: This special edition Galaxy Z Flip 5 offers personalization tools that allow users to express their unique identities.

Fashionable Design: What’s more, this high-fashion smartphone showcases a rear glass design, displaying the inner components. It’s a nod to Maison Margiela’s signature style.

Craftsmanship Elevated: The Flap Leather Case epitomizes Maison Margiela’s craftsmanship with natural black leather, woven fabric, and genuine fabric logo labels.

Artistic Expression: The Flipsuit Case exudes uniqueness and creativity with paint splatter designs on Flipsuit Cards and a silver plate displaying Maison Margiela’s distinctive numbering design, allowing the device to adopt entirely new themes.


Unveil a fusion of technological innovation and haute couture with this haute couture smartphone.