Complement your home decor with the Samsung Music Frame speaker. It’s designed to look like framed art, so it blends into your interior.


Seamless Integration & Surround Sound: This customizable speaker integrates into modern picture frames. It offers high-quality sound while blending into its environment. When paired with Samsung TVs and soundbars via Q-Symphony, it enhances bass and provides immersive surround sound.

Customizable Design & Artwork: Featuring customizable bezels and a matte screen, the Music Frame offers stylish wood options to match different aesthetics. Additionally, it showcases renowned artwork on its display when idle, doubling as a design piece.

Smart Connectivity: Compatible with SmartThings, this wireless speaker offers the flexibility to operate independently or pair with Samsung’s 2024 TVs for surround sound audio. Its customizable front print adds a personal touch, creating a unique audio-visual experience.


Minimize the appearance of tech in your home with this wall-mounted speaker.