The President Trump Medical Report Acknowledging "Superb Health" Becomes Complicated 

A medical study claiming that Donald Trump is in good health has spurred conjecture, with analysts casting doubt on its veracity. 

On his social media account Truth Social, the former president posted a letter from a doctor on Monday. 

It stated that the 77-year-old had extraordinary cognitive health and normal bodily health. 

The Republican's mental state is coming under more investigation. With a commanding lead in the party's primaries, 

Trump is expected to challenge Vice President Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential contest. 

But in recent talks, he committed several faux pas, like mispronouncing Sioux City and Sioux Falls at a gathering and asserting that Viktor Orban leads Turkey, 

not Hungary.Despite the fact that 81-year-old Biden has not faced as much criticism over his age as Trump has, 

a Harvard-Harris poll revealed that 67 percent of respondents said he was too old to be president. 

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