Secure your property and get in the front door easily with the Philips Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt.


Cutting-Edge Security: This palm-recognition deadbolt boasts advanced palm-recognition technology, providing swift and secure access by detecting unique palm vein patterns. It allows seamless entry and ensures top-notch security for all family members.

Effortless Exit: Incorporating grab-and-go technology, its proximity sensors detect users’ presence, enabling swift and automatic unlocking without physical manipulation.

Seamless Integration: Compatible with major smart home ecosystems, this deadbolt pairs effortlessly with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Get voice-assistant lock status monitoring via the Philips Home Access app.

Built-in Convenience: Featuring built-in Wi-Fi, this deadbolt simplifies setup without requiring additional Wi-Fi bridges. This provides ease of pairing and control through the Philips Home Access app.


Make your home entry secure and convenient with this smart deadbolt!