Experience personalized sleep and wake-up with the Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light.


Customizable Sunset and Sunrise: Enjoy app-enabled customization for a personalized wind-down and wake-up experience.

Smart Features Galore: This gadget comes packed with features, including a midnight light, FM radio, phone charging dock, speaker, power-wake alarm, and many more.

Mood and Energy Enhancement: What’s more, this circadian lamp facilitates an easy and energetic wake-up while enhancing your mood.

Bedtime Routine Support: Relax before bed with RelaxBreathe light-guided breathing. It aids relaxation for better sleep, while dusk simulation promotes peaceful sleep.

Sleep Tracking Capabilities: Meanwhile the SleepMapper app tracks your sleep patterns. Also, you can synchronize sleep metrics with Apple and Google Health.

Multiple Models: Finally, This light comes in both 315- and 310-Lux brightness options.


Choose this smart sleep light for a more restful and energized start to your day.