Enjoy natural-sounding audio with the Drop + grell OAE1 Signature headphones. Crafted by audio visionary Axel Grell, these headphones feature a unique driver geometry and a natural soundstage.


Innovative driver positioning: The OAE1 Signature’s drivers are positioned in front to mimic a natural stereo sound. It’s an authentic and immersive experience.

Enhanced sound fidelity: By reducing unwanted reflections and optimizing driver angle, these headphones ensure high fidelity sound.

Impressive bass response: Equipped with an onboard acoustic baffle, the OAE1 Signature produces deep and clear bass.

Ultra-expansive soundstage: The earcups, made of 90-percent open metal mesh, allow for minimal sound interference, enlarging the soundstage.

Universal compatibility: These headphones are compatible with a wide range of audio equipment, making them suitable for various listening environments.


Experience premium headphone sound and design!