Experience a smartphone like none other when you go for the Motorola Adaptive Display. This concept smartphone bends and shapes into different forms.


Versatile Flexible Display: Boasting a flexible FHD+ pOLED display, this smartphone bends and takes different shapes. So it can adapt to your diverse needs.
Dynamic Transformations: In a flat orientation, the expansive 6.9″ display delivers a full Android experience. When vertically positioned, the device transforms into a self-standing configuration, featuring a more compact 4.6″ display with full Android functionality.
Wearable Convenience: What’s more, this concept allows users to wrap the device around their wrist. It’s like the external display experience of the Motorola Razor+. This wrist-worn configuration ensures constant connectivity on the go.


This bendable smartphone offers users unparalleled versatility by transforming from a traditional smartphone into various modes.