Meet the SwitchBot Mini Robot Vacuum K10+! Its compact form factor enables it to clean tough-to-reach areas of the home.


Compact and Agile: The K10+ boasts a slim body with a diameter of just 24.8cm. This allows it to navigate through tight spaces like under furniture.

Enhanced Cleaning Efficiency: Despite its compact size, the K10+ maximizes cleaning coverage by reaching and effectively cleaning smaller and narrower spaces. In fact, it achieves up to 90% coverage.

Integration with SwitchBot Ecosystem: When paired with other SwitchBot devices like the Lock, Contact Sensor, Pan/Tilt Cam, and Hub Mini, the K10+ becomes part of a comprehensive smart home setup. This integration brings you a fully automated experience.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Operating at just 48dB, the K10+ maintains a quiet cleaning process. This ensures minimal disruption, allowing for a peaceful environment.


Get a more effective clean with this compact robot vacuum!