Introducing the EDC Reminder Coins Memento Mori Coin, an exquisite and thought-provoking everyday carry item designed to prompt reflection on life’s transience. Crafted with precision, this coin bears the Latin phrase “Memento Mori” and the poignant reminder, “Your time is limited.” It serves as a tangible cue to embrace the present and lead a more mindful life amid the hustle.


Philosophical significance: It encourages living in the moment and cherishing your limited time.
Practical reminders: It’s ideal for daily carry, keeping you grounded and focused.
Meaningful gift: It’s a perfect present for those seeking a gentle nudge toward mindfulness.
Material variety: Available in Nickel-Silver, Brass Alloy, and Solid Copper, each version has an antique finish.
Unique aging process: Chemical aging ensures a beautiful patina, evolving every day.


It combines philosophical depth with practical elegance, making it a distinctive and meaningful addition to everyday life.