Dive into digital decay with the Chase Bliss x Goodhertz Lossy pedal. It gives you that degraded audio feel for your music creations.


Retro vibes, modern twist: Get quirky audio imperfections for your music. Think 56k modem tunes, MP3s ripped from old CDs, or those viral videos from ancient cellphones.

Goodhertz magic, portable edition: Then, the beloved Goodhertz plugin now fits in your pocket and is packed with better performance, improved algorithms, and cool new features.

Newbies on the block: What’s more, you get a built-in limiter, evolving spectral freeze, and the All Wet mode. Plus, embrace the Slow mode for some extra style.

Embrace the sonic journey: Experience 3 types of audio loss with different responses and sounds.

Reverb and filter fun: Also, the versatile reverb and filter block can twist, soften, and expand its effect as you wish.


Add unique sounds to your work with this stereo effects pedal.