Enjoy faster hair-drying sessions thanks to the L’Oréal Airlight Pro. This premium hair-drying tool uses infrared and high-speed wind to quicken drying times.


Professional-Grade Efficiency and Innovation: This revolutionary hair-drying tool is a collaboration with Zuvi. It’s a sleek, professional-grade dryer that offers faster drying times while ensuring smoother, shinier hair.

Innovative LightCare Technology: Featuring patented LightCare technology, the AirLight Pro employs infrared light and high-speed wind to dry hair faster. This preserves internal moisture while efficiently removing surface water.

Healthier Hair from a Sustainable Design: Meanwhile, this technology results in up to 33% more hydrated hair that’s 59% smoother and uses 31% less energy.

Accessible to Both Professionals and Consumers: While ideal for beauty professionals, the AirLight Pro caters to consumers seeking quicker hair drying without compromising quality.


Get a top-notch experience while keeping environmental impact in check with this pro-level hair dryer.