Take your home clothing care to the next level with the LG Styler clothing care solution. This comprehensive clothing care system dries, de-wrinkles, and dehumidifies quickly and easily.


Effortless Wrinkle Removal: The high-pressure steamer eliminates wrinkles with ease. Simply hang clothes, use the attached steamer, and activate the steam process. Powerful steam penetrates fabrics, reducing the need for ironing.

Enhanced Garment Care: With the Dynamic Moving Hanger system, this clothing care system provides tailored care for various fabrics.

Precision Steam Control: Equipped with Dual TrueSteam technology, this model employs 2 heaters for precise steam control. Delicate fabrics receive gentle care via optimized steam flow, and its Sanitary cycle eradicates over 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria.

Room Air Circulation and Dehumidification: Featuring a built-in ventilation system, the Styler circulates air and collects up to 10 liters of moisture. It prevents dampness on refreshed clothes.


Elevate your clothing care with the 2024 LG Styler.