Verify the moments you capture with the Leica M11-P rangefinder camera. It can authenticate your content according to the CAI and C2PA standards.


A camera with content credentials: The M11-P proves your work is authentic thanks to its content authentication feature. It uses encrypted metadata for more transparency.

Sleek details: This unique camera offers features like an intentional absence of the red Leica dot. You can expect the signature Leica script on the top plate and a matte black finish.

The power of the M11 family: What’s more, this cutting-edge camera boasts The M11 family’s BSI CMOS full-frame sensor. It has Triple Resolution Technology.

Brilliant images: Moreover, the M11-P produces breathtaking images with natural colors, precise detail, and a wide dynamic range.


Elevate your content with this sleek rangefinder camera!