Enhance your bathroom with the Kohler x SR_A Formation 01 faucet. This unique bathroom gadget is a limited-edition item that transforms how users engage with water.


Material Innovation: Formation 01 represents a shift in faucet design, crafted from Neolast, an exclusive material by Kohler. This material allows for expressive forms and rich colors, complemented by an escutcheon plate made of Kohler’s signature cast iron,

Futuristic Design: Overall, this contemporary faucet blends futuristic design with timeless industrialism.

Precision Engineering: Kohler’s engineering mastery enables water delivery through sharp angles, demanding precise pressure control. The rocker style handle adds to the faucet’s ultra-modern aesthetic, enhancing its distinctiveness.

Iconic Haptic Orange: The industrial Haptic Orange hue pays homage to Kohler’s historical color legacy. It also combines Dr. Samuel Ross’s signature color with Kohler’s expertise.


Create a visually captivating bathroom with this modern faucet.