Keep your oral health in tip-top shape with the Proclaim Custom Jet Oral Health System. It improves and maintains a healthy mouth.


Tailored to you: Crafted and 3D printed to match your unique dental structure, this oral health gadget features custom jets. Their position depends on yo 3D mouth scan from your dentist.

Effortless and swift: A quick button push for a thorough, deep clean, takes only 7 seconds each day. There’s no hassle, just convenience.

Gum health booster: What’s more, this dental care system can enhance gum health by up to 74% in a mere 15 days.

Plaque destroyer: Incredible plaque reduction – 18 times more effective at minimizing plaque buildup compared to traditional methods*.

Invigorating experience: Feel the refreshing pulse of water navigating between your teeth and beneath your gum line.


Keep your smile healthy with this oral health care system.