Captivate your listeners with the JBL Quantum Stream microphones (2024). This microphone range helps you create content anywhere.


JBL Quantum Stream Talk: Featuring JBL QuantumENGINE PC software for precise EQ adjustments, this microphone boasts a shock-absorbing base and super-cardioid pickup pattern. They allow solo streaming with no background noise.

JBL Quantum Stream Wireless: Versatile and wearable, it’s excellent for creators on the move. With an omnidirectional pattern capturing high-quality sound from all directions, automatic connectivity via dongle, and environmental noise-canceling, it’s your go-to for uninterrupted recordings.

JBL Quantum Stream Studio: This is the flagship device in the range, designed to elevate recordings to professional levels. Three condenser microphones and a broadcast-quality sampling rate ensure top-tier sound. Its quad-pattern pickup design allows for versatile sound capture, whether solo or with multiple guests.


The JBL Quantum Stream mics meet the diverse needs of content creators, offering unmatched clarity, adaptability, and professional-grade features!