Check out the HTC VIVE Ultimate Tracker. It delivers seamless VR tracking for standalone devices. Use it to connect up to 5 trackers.


Pinpoint Precision: Experience instant spatial recognition with the VIVE Ultimate Tracker’s 2 wide-FOV cameras and advanced computer vision.

No Limits Tracking: What’s more, you don’t need a PC or base station. Simply plug in the VIVE Wireless Dongle to your headset for low-latency connectivity.

Enhance Your Experience: Then, incorporate 3 trackers and a single VIVE Wireless Dongle for new moves in standalone and PC VR games. Or opt for 5 trackers for full-body tracking.

Long-Lasting Performance: Dive into hours of immersive play with the VIVE Ultimate Tracker’s 7-hour battery life.

Versatile Uses: From social interactions to gaming, fitness, and even for VTubers, the VIVE Ultimate Tracker translates every motion.


Enhance your VR experiences with this VR tracker!