Explore the great outdoors for as long as you like with the Garmin eTrex Solar GPS Handheld Navigator. It can provide endless battery.


Infinite Power: Experience endless adventures with unlimited battery life. It just needs sunny, 75,000 lux conditions for solar charging.

Precision Exploration: Moreover, you get next-level positional accuracy with multi-band GPS support. It ensures you’re always on the right path.

Seamless Connectivity: Meanwhile, it’s easy to pair with the Garmin Explore smart-device app. It helps you plan trips, receive automatic cache updates from Geocaching Live, and upload your finds directly to your Geocaching.com profile.

Stay on Course: What’s more, the digital compass keeps you confidently on track, ensuring you never lose your bearings.

Weather-Ready: Additionally, it’s water-resistant and rated to IPX7, so you can explore worry-free in various conditions.


Experience the freedom of exploration without limits and the reliability of precise navigation with the Garmin eTrex Solar GPS Handheld Navigator!