Get more out of your dive with the Garmin Descent MK3 Dive Computer Series.


Air Integration: Compatible with Descent T2 transceivers (available separately) for integrated pressure monitoring across up to 8 tanks.

SubWave Sonar Networking: This technology lets you exchange diver-to-diver messages within a range of 30 meters.

Dive Modes: Then, you get dive modes for multiple gas dives, including nitrox and trimix, gauge, apnea, and more.

Dive Readiness Tool: What’s more, this diving smartwatch considers lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, and jet lag to provide insights into your body’s readiness for a dive.

DiveView Maps: Provides color maps directly on your wrist. they display bathymetric depth contours and over 4,000 dive sites.

A Dive-Focused Design: This gadget is great for dive. It has an AMOLED color display, a durable sapphire lens, a 200-meter dive-rated case for deep dives, and leakproof metal inductive buttons.


This watch withstands challenging underwater environments.