Carry a modern phone that pays tribute to the past with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Retro. This limited-edition phone is inspired by the 2003 SGH-E700 cell phone.


A design inspired by the 2000s: The Z Flip5 Retro boasts design features from the 2003 GH-E700. Note the indigo blue/silver colors, reinterpretation of 2000s pixel graphics, and cityscape animation on the Flex Window.
3 Flipsuit Cards: Meanwhile, this phone comes with 3 Flipsuit cards. They feature logos from different moments in Samsung’s history.
Other collector’s features: What’s more, your purchase of this retro smartphone includes a Flipsuit case and collector card with a unique serial number.
Camera selfies without unfolding: Moreover, with a front screen inspired by the SGH-E700’s dual display, it can snap a selfie without opening your phone.
1 Size fits all: Then, like its predecessor, the Flip5 Retro fits in pockets of all sizes.


This retro smartphone has a timeless design!