The franchise producer provides a positive report on the progress and plot of John Wick 5. 

Producer Basil Iwanyk is not aiming to accelerate the development of John Wick 5, 

but he is optimistic that it will be made at some time in the future.Should a fifth John Wick film be made, 

it will undoubtedly tell an entirely new tale rather than retelling the events of the first four. 

Both the direction and the timeframe remain unclear.Fans argue about whether further John Wick movies are needed, 

but there are ideas for a spinoff called Ballerina that would expand the universe without undermining the film's impactful conclusion ,

and star Reeves and other franchise stars in cameo parts.Producer of the franchise Basil Iwanyk comments on whether John Wick 5,

will go after much back and forth over whether a sequel would occur. Even though the most recent film concluded with Keanu Reeves's character presumably dying, 

Lionsgate revealed two months following the release of Chapter 4 that they were developing a fifth film in an attempt to cash in on the series' high box revenue and review scores. 

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