The Dutton's Guide to Eating.

The park now encompasses much more than just the entertainment. It is sometimes seen as the sole program that appeals to the red states and depicts "real" America.  

The Kevin Costner-led program centers on the Dutton family, Montana landowners who want to maintain their parcel no matter what developers, Native Americans, or environmentalists say. 

Costner appears in the program ostensibly against his will. Three different montages about the Duttons' vanishing way of life and all the bucolic splendor it affords  

Featured in the only episode of the show that I have ever seen, season five's "The Dream Is Not Me.  

which aired prior to the infamous Paley Fest panel that the feuding Costner and Taylor Sheridan failed to attend.  

Yellowstone is lifestyle porn, not just a television program. (Those who attended the Paley Fest wearing cowboy hats and boots attest to this.) 

The Yellowstone brand has now expanded to a cookbook (excuse the cattle ranching joke). 

Chef Gabriel "Gator" Guilbeau, who oversaw craft services on set before taking on a small, titular role in the program, just published Yellowstone.  

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