Hear your vinyl records as you’re meant to with the Denon DP-3000NE. This premium direct-drive Hi-Fi turntable offers precise, resonance-free music.


High-accuracy playback: Enjoy accurate playback thanks to the S-shape tonearm and direct drive motor.

Premium construction: What’s more, this high-quality turntable boasts a solid construction, ensuring plenty of stability for detailed, resonance-free audio.

Gorgeous design: Meanwhile, this premium turntable has a beautiful aesthetic. The ebony natural wood veneer and metal components add style.

Easy-to-use direct-drive motor: Moreover, the direct-drive motor is simple to use. The rotation speed doesn’t fluctuate and reaches full speed quickly. There’s also no belt to replace in the future.

Full adjustability: Then, the adjustment options support a variety of MM or MC cartridges. You also get a 9 mm vertical height adjustment at the tonearm base.


Tailor your sound with this Hi-Fi turntable.