The Dallas Cowboys' owner, Jerry Jones, describes the game between the Dallas and the Chargers as "disjointed" and "sloppy."

The Dallas Cowboys prevailed 20-17 on Monday Night Football after outlasting the Los Angeles Chargers.   

The game, however, was hardly a masterpiece. The Cowboys will undoubtedly celebrate their victory, but they are aware that they still have work to do. 

After the victory, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it best.Jerry Jones remarked on 105.3 The Fan, "I felt it was as disconnected or sloppy a game as—maybe that's a bad word—for both sides.  

I genuinely believed that the game was statistically close to being even. Penalties were equalized. Even in the game,  

the stats were accurate. They're a solid team, and the game was fiercely contested. I'm incredibly proud of us for going out there and beating them like that,  

20 penalties totaling 164 yards were committed by the Cowboys and Chargers together throughout the game. Dallas was able to steal the victory in the final seconds of the game in part because they applied pressure to quarterback Justin Herbert.  

On the Chargers' final drive, they were successful thanks to a Micah Parsons sack of Herbert. The game-winning interception was made by Stephon Gilmore on the following play. 

Despite the nasty, Dallas gained some benefits from their victory. One is that they recovered from the catastrophic 49ers defeat. Dak Prescott also appeared better.  

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