The Clippers are 'unserious' about acquiring James Harden, according to Daryl Morey.

Throughout the four John Wick films, the phrase "be seeing you" is repeated multiple times, but its connotation can range from menacing to polite. 

The phrase "be seeing you" is used often by many individuals across the John Wick world, but its exact significance isn't always clear.  

The John Wick flicks are praised for their breathtaking cinematography and expertly choreographed action, but what sets the series apart is its rich and intriguing underworld.  

The four John Wick films gradually present the audience to the intricately detailed underworld of assassins. 

The mutual understanding that all assassins appear to have is the true lifeblood of this society, which is thick on rules and lore. 

Everyone in the John Wick universe understands what "be seeing you" means. However, it is unclear and unwritten, unlike the Continental's regulations or the marker's requirements.  

The phrase, which comes to symbolize John's inevitable journey, can be interpreted as a straightforward threat, one of the numerous ways the John Wick characters promise violence.  

The underlying significance, however, only becomes apparent in the closing minutes of contemplation. These sequences serve as a prelude to John Wick's death, which appears to be inevitable. 

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