Meet the Hasbro Star Wars Chatter Back Chopper Animatronic Ahsoka! This 7.5-inch-tall rendition of the beloved droid, Chopper (C1-10P), brings his sassy personality to life.


Interactive Play: Unleash Chopper’s vibrant personality through button presses. They trigger his 40+ unique responses.

Responsive Fun: Then, this toy reacts to background sounds. These include talking, clapping, or music, resulting in a range of droid sounds and animated actions.

Series-Inspired Design: What’s more, this Star Wars toy mirrors the Ahsoka live-action series. The toy replicates Chopper’s spirited movements, from flailing arms to head turns.

Adjustable Arms: Meanwhile, the poseable arms and adjustable shoulder and elbow joints, as well as Chopper’s movements, allow for customization for different poses and play scenarios.

Perfect Star Wars Gift: Created for 4-year-old kids and up, this animatronic Chopper makes an excellent gift.


Elevate your Star Wars collection with this cool droid.