Share your love for grand prix race cars with the younger generation when you give them the Bugatti Baby II mini car.

A Toy for adults and kids: It’s aimed at children and young adults looking for a new toy. The Baby II is a replica of the Type 35 but is three-quarters of its size. Therefore, it’s suitable for children and small adults.

Choose from 3 models: There are 3 models available that range in specifications and price. However, the base model has a 1.4 kWh battery pack and electric powertrain with 2 driving modes.

2 Driving modes: These driving modes—Novice and Expert—make the car suitable for all abilities. The Novice mode reaches a maximum of 12 mph, whereas the Expert mode provides a maximum output of 30 mph. For either, you can travel up to 15 miles before it needs charging.

Share your love for Bugatti across generations with this luxury toy car.