Protect riders and drivers with the Bosch RideCare Companion. This safety enhancement for ride sharing has an integrated smart camera.


Elevating Ride-Share Safety: RideCare Companion has a smart camera engineered for ride-share drivers. It brings transparency and vigilance to ride-hailing.

Driver-Centric Design: Bosch collaborates with Gridwise. This leading app for ride-share and delivery drivers tailors the solution to meet driver needs.

Security and Privacy Assurance: Video data, timestamped and location-tagged, serves as evidence in case of disputes, all while strictly adhering to data privacy regulations.

Enhanced Safety Features: Equipped with interior and exterior cameras, the device ensures visibility in varying light conditions.

Emergency Response Integration: Featuring a wireless SOS button, drivers can activate an emergency call to Bosch’s service center for immediate assistance.


Leveraging sensor technology and IoT solutions, Bosch continues to innovate for the sharing economy’s safety needs.