Watch your feathered friends sustainably from your garden with the Netvue Birdfy Bird Feeder Bamboo. It uses eco-friendly bamboo and charges via solar.


Eco-Friendly Avian Haven: This eco-friendly bird feeder, crafted from bamboo, is a sustainable delight for feathered friends.

Solar Panel Charging: The included solar panel means this gadget never stops running. Plus, it reduces your footprint.

Intelligent Bird Observation: The AI bird detective camera also offers real-time insights into the species visiting your feeder.

Easy-to-Use and Maintain: Designed for convenience, the Birdfy feeder is easy to set up, refill, and maintain.

Bird-Friendly Capacity: This smart bird feature holds 3L of bird feed, giving birds a continuous supply.

Durable Design: With its IP66 waterproof, rot-resistant, and mold-resistant design, this is a bird feeder that stands the test of time.


This bamboo feeder supports a sustainable environment for both feathered friends and nature enthusiasts!